Votul tau conteaza !

Pentru cei care vor si pot sa ajute serverul cu 1 vot pe fiecare dintre cele 3 link-uri , acest topic este doar pentru a ajuta serverul nu veti primi nimic pentru aceste voturi decat respectul Fondatorilor si posibil si a Adminilor de pe CS.HELLSTEAM.RO

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  1. debanat

    *DEAD* S1mple : wargods jovica (PLAYER) Jovica.a.k.a.Pooce : i know ************************************************ Informatii despre Ban Nume: Jovica.a.k.a.Pooce SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1333482216 Motiv: Go and fixit Timp de Unban: Ban Permanent Nume Admin: S1mple Admin SteamID: STEAM_0: picture will explain what happen i save the report and dunno how to upload ... i found time to play Counter Strike and there allways someone ban me.. becouse im killing him ReportwCD 06.05.2017 16.14.07.ReportwCD
  2. debanat

    let me know when i can join the game
  3. debanat

    Still can't understand you ... are you collecting points from me? you banned me .. it is ok ... but did i leave close the game ?? i was in spec why didnt you wait me to answer .. there is enough time in the world .. i play 3-4 hours and then someone come and ban for one ( SCAN ) im not runing from 1000000 scans... i dont have 7 years .. im 25 year old ... i play when i can ... talking to much when i want Ask aLuna you can see two times x5 screens from me + WG scan im not runing .... unban me so i can play .... got 1hour left for playing then watching TV for 2 hours and will sleep when i play as Jovica.a.k.a.Pooce everything is ok .. when i change the name there are problems
  4. debanat

    ... dont understand you ... are you playing with me now ? you didnt notice that cs.hellsteam.ro gag me for 3 min + say_team:@ say + ctrl + v not possible ... you can try it let me know what is next from you ... what i have to do next
  5. debanat

    when you put me in spec and say wg scan .. i just want to do it and say it ... but when i write in console say + crtv+v and enter then hellsteam server gag me 3 min
  6. debanat

    Informatii despre Ban Nume: Unpossible SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1333482216 Motiv: no.scan!! Timp de Unban: Ban Permanent Nume Admin: GHerrY Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:21 Nick: Unpossible Adminul care te-a banat: GHerrY Ziua, Harta Și Ora (aproximativ): Thursday , 03 . 02 . 2017 / 17:45 O mică explicație: GHerrY put me in SPECTATORS and want WG scan from me... i just go and make it and when i wanted to write it in console i get gag from server 3 min .. and nobody notice it then GHerrY just banned me and reason no scan Dovezi (screenuri / pozele făcute de admin): GHerrY don't make any screen from me IP Dumneavoastră / SteamID : STEAM_0:0:1333482216 http://imgur.com/a/wwoB1 there are screens from admin aLuna dunno what happen to me.... i just want to play with new name but after this ill use mine Jovica.a.k.a.Pooce :S :S
  7. It is ok ... i was playing on vips-mania there were same problems at start but everything was ok after their control.. im from macedonia and was playing on vips-mania becouse there allways someone from the admins were online and we got fer play vips-mania is close now the server is not paid and got some from the admins who are playing on this server and im here becouse of them :) our Macedonian servers and BALKAN servers are crap.... everyone is playing with cheats and i dont play btw BlackAngel those pictures are from Kenzo ... you can ask him that he got 3 screenshots from me if something isn't good im sorry ... im talking for my english .. becouse everything that i know is from listening songs watching movies and playing WORLD OF THE WARCRAFT
  8. http://prntscr.com/cdom31 http://prntscr.com/cdomcs http://prntscr.com/cdomjb im unbaned dunno what happen .. but still there are the pictures im not lier
  9. Hello team :) im banned from Kenzo he make 3 pics from me and cant upload on this topic becouse they are 2.2mb there only 500kb can be upload on the topic i dont know the reason why im banned but i think you will solve this tell me where i can send the pictures