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AimBot Detection v1.4beta2 v1.4beta2

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About This File

This plugin detects aimbots by using an invisible detection bot to simulate an enemy. To watch a player for aimbot detection, use the amx_aimwatch command. Once the player is being watched, the bot will be spawned above each of his victims until he either passes all checks or is detected. There is also an auto-watch option that will apply watches automatically based on performance ratios (see below). When the watched player gets a kill, the bot gets spawned high above the victims head. There are two methods to choose from to detect the aimbots (see below). If the bot is spawned cvar ad_aimattempts times (default: 3) and not shot\aimed at, the watch gets removed from the player. You can specify the number of detections that are needed before a player gets punished via cvar ad_detectsneeded (default: 1). You can also specify the type of punishment to issue via cvar ad_punishment (default: 0 - log only). The bot will not be spawned if the spawn location is within a ceiling or outside the confines of the map. It will also not be spawned if the angle from the watched player to spawn location is too steep (aiming up) or if it requires the player to be aiming down. A bot spawn will only occur if the watched player kills his victim with a gun (grenades and knife are ignored).

You do NOT need to have any 3rd party bots installed on your server to run this plugin.

There are two separate admin flag settings that control which admins get notifications from the plugin and which admins can issue commands. The default level required for both is ADMIN_RCON which can be changed via const FLAG_NOTIFY and FLAG_COMMAND. There is also an option to limit how many notifications are issued for plugin actions, see verbose mode section below.

- Verbose Modes - CVar: ad_verbosemode

  • 0 - All nofication disabled
  • 1 - Display detections only
  • 2 - Display only when watch enabled\disabled and when player detected
  • 3 - Display everything

- Punishments - CVar: ad_punishment

  • 0 = Log Only (Default, No Punishment)
  • 1 = Kick Only
  • 2 = Kick & Ban by SteamID
  • 3 = Kick & Ban by IP
  • 4 = Kick & AMX Ban
  • 5 = Shoot Blanks by SteamID [saved via SteamID, gets reapplied if player reconnects]
  • 6 = Shoot Blanks by IP [saved via IP, gets reapplied if player reconnects

- Usage -

  • amx_aimwatch <player> <0=disable | 1=enable> - Apply\Remove watch from player
  • amx_aimwatch (no arguments) - Returns currently watched player
  • amx_aimstatus - Display all players aimbot detection status

- Required Modules -

  • Fakemeta
  • Hamsandwich
  • CSX

- Languages -

  • English
  • Lithuanian
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Dutch

What's New in Version v1.4beta2


  • - Moved all code from client_authorized() to client_putinserver().
  • - Removed GetMaxClipAmmo function and replaced with an array.
  • - Fixed bug (hopefully) that was causing the detection bot to be partially visible (when set to 0 0 0)
  • - Modified functions in which large static strings were being used, this reduced the total requirements of the plugin at compile time from 104,724 to 80,396.

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